Business IT Support

All businesses need a solid IT partner. You may need a lot of IT Support, or just focused help to grow your IT department in one area. Regardless of your organization’s size or needs,

You can reduce your IT Costs by using our remote computer support service, and for a cost effective business model such a strategy is proven to be successful. Business users of our services will be able to focus on their primary area of interest to develop their businesses and let us handle the IT support they need.

Using our services for on-site hardware and software support you will quickly overcome any interruptions of your normal business flow.

Typical IT support services we offer include Network Security, Computer Support, IT Support, Computer Services, IT Solutions, IT Management, Wireless Network Maintenance, Microsoft Support, Software Support and Data Recovery.


Computer Repair and maintenance

Weather your business is in need of something small like a workstation PC cleanup, software installation or email spam filtering or a major network overhaul or server replacement, synaptic solutions can help you develop an IT plan that’s just right for your business.

We are providing quality computer repair at Synaptic Solutions. If you have problems with your PC, contact us and one of our local repair technicians will be working on any computer problems you might experience.

A PC technician will offer you professional service at affordable prices. Whether you need PC repairs, computer upgrades, you want a virus removed, or installation of operating system, just use our 24/7 service to solve your computer related problems.

We can also offer you computer maintenance service and computer support at the most affordable prices you can find in Tanzania. Whether you use windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, Windows Server, Windows SQL, for PC maintenance, computer repairs, computer support, let us help you in solving your problems. For computer repair service, contact us and you will be pleased to have chosen us.


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