Microsoft Sharepoint

Microsoft SharePoint is the business collaboration platform for the enterprise and the internet. SharePoint allows people to set up websites, to share information, to manage documents from start to finish, and to publish reports. We use SharePoint to give our clients more control and efficiency around workflow and document.

The wheels of business turn more quickly with SharePoint as decision-making becomes faster.

Technology has always been an enabler for new ways of working. In the modern, connected workplace, much of the drive is about collaboration and finding easier ways to access and share information. Synaptic Solutions is leading exponent at making it happen for businesses, thanks to its wide-ranging expertise around Microsoft SharePoint.

·         provides a single platform for all your business websites and your customers

·         provides tools and components for creating business solutions

·         allows staff to access information from databases, reports and business applications

·         offers collaboration tools and a single platform for management

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